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Sukhoi T-50

Russie, Prototype, 2010

Resin Shop 1/72

Montage Ken Duffey "Flankerman"

I have finally finished my 'Resin Shop' model of the PAK FA.

I decided to paint it in the three-tone splinter camouflage scheme worn on later flights by the sole T50-1 prototype.

This meant that I had find the markings from my spare decals box.

The bort number 51 came from an A-l-a-n-g-e-r Su-30 decal sheet, the outline-only red stars were simply made in MS Word (simple star shape) and printed onto Experts Choice clear decal sheet on my inkjet printer - the rest came from the spares box.

I was very pleased with how the stars came out - and how easy they were to apply

I also modified the kit exhausts to make them droop and cut the vacform canopy to show it open.

This view is a comparison with my scratchbuilt PAK FA - showing how much bigger my attempt is...

PAK FA next to a Su-35S.....

This shot is for Berkut - showing the shape of the fuselage top surface and engine nacelles.....

I had a bit of a disaster along the way - after masking off the camo pattern using Tamiya tape, I 'filled in' the bigger areas using cheap auto masking tape.

When I removed it - the cheap tape had left a nasty sticky residue - which I had then to carefully clean off.....

The finished model isn't as good as I would have liked - I botched a few things - but at least it's finished.....

There is also a mistake with the undercarriage - see if you can spot it......

This page from the Russian Magazine 'Takeoff' was useful in determining the camo patter - it meant that I didn't have to do it myself....

My scratchbuild is here and the 'In Progress' thread for this resin model is here.

Well, I purchased the AKAN paint set that is supposed to be matched to the Su-35........

But - I couldn't make out which colour was which (there are no instructions - although I could probably have figured it out) -

And - I am a big coward when it comes to airbrushing - I'm just not comfortable with it (although I am getting better).

And - I am even worse with acrylics - so I abandoned the AKAN paints (through cowardice, not because they are not good) - and used my more familiar Humbrol enamels.

For the White areas I used Satin White Hu 130 - with a drop of dark grey added to take off the starkness - (it also means that I can't match it perfectly again to 'patch up' the missing white area that you pointed out )

The lighter grey is Humbrol 127 and the darker grey is Hu 125 - they look like good matches to my eyes.

Cockpit is Helblau.


Montage Ken Duffey "flankerman"


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