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Mirage 3000 - What-If

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What about Mirage 3000? ysi_maniac described its vision of a Mirage 3000

As I mentioned in the 'Vive la France' GB thread: Mirage-3000 project is mentioned in Paul Jackson Mirage book as a development of Mirage-2000 powered by a pair of RB-199. It is mentioned too in our brother site,757.0/highlight,mirage+3000.html in a thread started by Archibald.

To go with this project I will take a Mirage-2000 (1 or 2 seat not decided yet) and an aft fuselage from an Eurofighter. It is better than Tornado's because of wing root.

1- The 2000's wings must be separated to leave room for the Eurofighter engines.

2- This will leave a gap between wings and 2000's fuselage in leading edge. About 4.5 mm each side.

3- To fill this gap I will extend the wings' leading edge root.

4- To acheive this in a natural way, 2000's fuselage must be stretched about 15mm.

5- 2000's fuselage must be cut and widened to fit with Eurofighter aft fuselage.

With these maneouvres the new dimensions will be: 15 mm longer, that multiplied by 72 is 1080 mm, and 9 mm more span, that multiplied by 72 is 648 mm

6- With air intakes, there are many possibilities:
- Enlarged semicircular with half cone centerbody (a la Mirage-2000). Difficult to get/create and easy to fair them.
- Tornado intakes. Easy to get and difficult to fair.
- Phantom intakes. Something between them.

7- Canard planes. No doubt, from a Kfir.

8- The rest: tail fin, cockpit and nose will remain untouched right from the Mirage-2000.



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